Advantages of a Digital Marketing Agency versus an In House Team

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Advantages of a digital marketing agency vs an inhouse team

There are many reasons to work with an outside digital marketing agency. One primary reason which we have found over the years for clients to work with an outsourced marketing firm is that digital marketing agencies offer expertise not always found in house. Additionally, digital marketing agencies can provide a wide range of skillsets that are hard to staff let alone maintain within a company. Costs of digital marketing agencies can also be dramatically less than the expense of having several or even a few employees dedicated to marketing in-house. When you combine these cost savings with the flexible and scalable nature of engaging with a digital marketing agency … you have plenty of excellent reasons to seek out digital marketing outsourcing companies like Valenta US.

Better Approach, … Combine Efforts

However, at Valenta, we do not believe it is a question of in-house marketing vs agency team. Why not have both? An outside digital marketing agency can be an excellent complement to an in-house marketing team. Working together, companies, especially SMBs, can have the best of both worlds. Valenta is a digital marketing outsourcing company in addition to being a consultant, software integrator and virtual staffing firm. We offer a marketing service that is a combination of all the different required skill sets addressing every aspect of digital marketing. Within this service, we provide a senior marketing analyst, local in region copywriters, web designers, video editors, graphic designers, SEO specialists, pay per click specialists, plus staff to conduct social media and email campaigns. This service, when combined with local Valenta managing partners, plus an engaged owner or executive with revenue responsibilities, provides that best of both worlds solution, … and a killer marketing department.

What is Digital Marketing, again?

Let’s take a step back before we take a deeper dive and discuss just exactly what is digital marketing. Also take a look at How Digital Marketing can help your business to get more profit and also understand Why do you need Digital Marketing at first place. In that blog, we discussed how digital marketing starts first with Content Marketing. Content Marketing is central to all Digital Marketing and it is what is used to drive social media marketing, website marketing (SEO, SEM and PPC), as well as email marketing and even conversational AI marketing. Getting help with all these different aspects of digital marketing can be achieved by working with an outside agency. Offloading the large amount of work that is a part of content marketing and creating new fresh content continuously is another significant benefit of engaging with an outsourced marketing firm.

Let’s take a closer look at When to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency? and the four main advantages we have found for working with a digital marketing agency: gaining outside expertise, increasing the range of skillsets, reducing costs, & having flexible and scalable options.

Top 4 Reasons to Work with an Outsourced Marketing Firm

1) Expertise

A digital marketing agency has the advantage of working with many different organizations and they can bring best practices and ideas to client companies. The experience and expertise that outsourced marketing firms have, put them in the position to be a consultant to client companies. Having this outside perspective can be invaluable to any company, and especially valuable to SMB companies. An outsourced marketing firm will be able to offer new strategies to companies … plus have the benefit of having done them before. They will not have to learn something new, whereas an in-house marketing department might if it is trying something for the first time. An outsourced marketing firm will have employees that are up to date on the latest software tools, and these will not have to be learned from scratch. Digital marketing outsourcing companies are also up to date on important trends within the space.

2) Range of Skill Sets

Digital marketing outsourcing companies are staffed with people with a wide range of skills. As mentioned earlier, these skills can include web design, SEO, SEM, PPC, and other paid advertising. They will also include copywriting, video editing, graphic design and more. It is very difficult to find one person who has skills in every single aspect of digital marketing. For this reason, hiring a team of people to help with digital marketing activities makes a lot of sense. Digital marketing is an area that changes quickly. Staying up to date on the latest technology and skills necessary requires real effort (trust us, we know!). In house staff responsible for marketing may not always have the time or the skill sets to stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies. At digital marketing outsourcing companies, digital marketing is the only thing that they do … it is their primary focus.

3) Reduce Costs

According to ZipRecruiter the average  salary for a Digital Marketing Director in the United States is 104K per year. This 104K per year salary is for one person only. The salary does not cover costs of health insurance, Social Security taxes, and other federal and state taxes. The salary also does not include costs for infrastructure, office space, etc. When you combine all of these costs with the fact that a team with a wide-ranging skill set will be required, … the benefits of engaging with an outsourced marketing firm become obvious. In our experience, outsourced marketing firms work best with engaged clients. Clients provide inside knowledge of a company and industry … and agencies can provide digital marketing expertise. Digital marketing agencies will always be able to provide services at a lower cost than replicating them in-house.

4) Flexible and Scalable

Because digital marketing agencies work on a contract basis and are not employees of a firm and by nature, they are more flexible and scalable. All Valenta’s engagements, for example, are month to month Outsourced marketing firms can add people or take people off an account as the business of a client requires. In our case it is very easy to ramp up or ramp down our activities with clients. This ability to ramp up and ramp down is not something that you can do with in-house marketing staff employees very easily. This flexibility and scalability are key attributes of working with an outsourced marketing firm.

Want to Learn More?

At Valenta, when it comes to the question of in-house marketing vs agency … for us it is not a question at all. The best approach is tapping into digital marketing outsourcing companies to supplement expertise that is in-house. In house personnel will know a company’s solutions and services best. An outsourced marketing firm will know digital marketing best … and be current on the latest trends, technology and tools. At Valenta we focus on SMB clients who can sometimes struggle with digital marketing and do not have large staffs in house to support their efforts. Please read more about how our Digital Marketing staff augmentation services can help businesses to succeed. If you would like to speak with us on this topic or any other, please Contact Us

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