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Digital marketing is inseparable from the digital economy, and this is the overriding reason all businesses need digital marketing. 

The importance of digital marketing does not just pertain to larger enterprises. SMBs need digital marketing just as much as large enterprises. Customers often typically engage with a company first on the web. They may search for a company to do business with on the web first. For these reasons, and more, digital marketing is critical.

Before we dive deeper into the importance of digital marketing, advantages of digital marketing, or answer the question, “why do you need digital marketing”, let’s take a step back and define what it is. Once we do that, we can explore the reasons for needing it, look at different digital marketing channels, and touch on how to measure success.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is sometimes confused with or called online marketing. This was an early term for it, and we can think of them as the same thing. Digital marketing encompasses all online marketing activities for any device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone, other) that a viewer may be using.

SEO, SEM, social media, and Content Marketing are four of the main aspects of digital marketing. However, video marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing are also important and part of a well-rounded digital marketing campaign. At Valenta we believe that digital marketing starts with Content Marketing. Creating compelling, engaging, and interesting content for your customers (or potential customers) about your business’s products and services is paramount. Everything else in a digital marketing strategy feeds off of having content people want to read.

Why do you need it?

Reasons Businesses Engage in Digital Marketing

So why does a business need digital marketing? One of the first advantages of digital marketing that can be gained is that you want people to be able to find your business on the web. You want your business to appear on the first page of any web searches, if possible. Secondly, you want to have customers have a good positive impression of your business when they find you on the web. Achieving those two goals can be easier said than done. For that reason, many businesses large and small engage with a digital marketing agency. Businesses do this because digital marketing can be complicated for the uninitiated, it also changes often and is dynamic. Because of the consistent requirement for relevant content, it can be a lot of work too! At Valenta we offer outsourced digital marketing and can provide a team of specialists (but more on that later).

Increase Sales

Businesses engage in digital marketing for a variety of reasons. The most common ones we have seen are to generate more leads for sales teams, close more deals, improve current customer retention, increase customer satisfaction rates and finally to increase brand awareness. Before a company can be profitable there must be revenue and sales. Every company should be looking to drive topline revenue with an eye on the bottom line. Digital marketing can be a very cost-effective way to improve web traffic, sales, and lead generation. Potential customers who request contact from a business on their website are interested in having a conversation. Having a conversation with a customer who wants to speak with you is much more valuable than speaking to customers who did not ask to speak to you, … right?

Finding your niche

Digital marketing is also about not boiling the ocean. One of the advantages of digital marketing is that with all the data that can be gained a business can validate customer personas and conduct digital segmentation. A business can also create content that speaks specifically to their target audience … whatever it may be and wherever are. Finding a niche and speaking to your audience also boils down to creating compelling content that keeps customers (and potential customers) engaged. Some content examples that can help you speak directly to your customers includes videos, blogs, infographics, case studies, interviews, e-books, and white papers. A good digital marketing agency can help you create, position, and promote all of these.

Many Digital Marketing Channels to Manage

Regarding the web presence and SEO, a business will need to track and improve keyword rankings, organic traffic, time spent on pages, click through rates, bounce rates, returning visitors, and domain authority ratings to improve the appearance of a business on searches. Google algorithms are changing frequently, and a good digital marketing partner can help optimize your web presence for Google and other search engines. In addition to a web presence multiple social channels may need to be managed including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In & YouTube. Emerging social channels like Snapchat, Tick Tock, Pinterest, and others are also considerations. In addition to a web presence, email marketing is another channel where a digital marketing strategy can be adopted. There is a lot of emphasis on drip email campaigns these days, and that is because it can be effective. They are effective when the content is good and engaging and when there is value in it for the customer or prospect.

How to Measure Digital Marketing Success?

Most digital marketing activities take some time to yield results … but if a business sticks to them in a consistent manner, and if they are smartly executed, they almost always yield results. To measure strategy success, you can track changes in business results and in your digital presence. Increased sales, lead generation and web traffic on your site are easy metrics to measure. Improved social engagement, SEO improvement, and authority score improvement can also be tracked. Because of the importance of digital marketing there is no better time to start a digital marketing strategy, or to improve one you may already have, than today.

Want to learn more?

As we mention at the start, digital marketing is inseparable from the digital economy. Digital marketing can be overwhelming and sometimes businesses, especially the SMB clients we serve, do not know where to start. When you add to that the fact that it is a dynamic and ever-changing area, it can make a lot of sense to bring in some outside help. At Valenta we offer managing partners, plus local or regional senior marketing experts and offshore staff that can economically execute back-office tasks and content creation for digital marketing.

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