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supply chain

Supply Chain and Logistics Consulting

If your organization sells a product, you have a supply chain, and if you physically handle a product, you deal in logistics.  Valenta helps you overcome your supply chain and logistics issues through best practices implementation, process optimization, intelligent automation, virtual staffing, and managed services.

Salesforce Developer - Valenta BPO

Salesforce Consulting Services

Built on the cloud and built for the cloud, Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM Application that allows organizations to scale to a whole new level. At Valenta, we are not just Salesforce Consultants and Implementation specialists.

Zoho Consulting Services

Zoho is one of the World’s leading CRM & ERP applications. Zoho CRM is used by over 250,000 businesses in 180 countries making it one of the most sought-after CRM applications Globally. In addition to the CRM Module, Zoho has 45+ Integrated Applications along with Low Code and No Code applications, 

Human Resources and Talent Management

A structured and methodical Human Resource (HR) program with processes to align candidate selection will enable your business to pinpoint and identify best in class talent, with ongoing development. The backbone of every business stems from their workforce, 


Third Party Vendor Management Consulting Solutions

At Valenta, our third party vendor management service is a full suite end-to-end offering that will support and mitigate risk for your business long-term. Our goal is to provide the support

Financial Crime Consulting

Combating Financial Crime has become a complex process where efficiency and resource allocation are paramount in managing risk. We are fighting Financial Crime for our clients with robust and innovative processes that are world-class. Our process consulting service can assist your enterprise to adopt the latest

Franchise Consulting

We offer a franchise consulting service that will assist you to build your business into a franchise. With so many pitfalls, we have the business acumen to minimize your business risk and expand your operations at your pace. We partner with other businesses to provide guidance and knowledge that ensures you have the support you need to succeed with expansion into the franchise market.

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