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What is a Fractional CMO?

There are a lot of excellent discussions these days about fractional executives, and fractional C-Level roles available for hire. We think this discussion is great and that this option has a ton of value for companies, … especially SMBs. Fractional executives can be a great option for SMBs, and they come in a variety of roles, including CFOs, CMO’s, and CRO or fractional sales VPs. For this blog we will focus on discussions about a fractional CMO for SMB, and a fractional CMO for startups. We will also highlight what we think is a better approach, and that, is a team of fractional digital marketers.

Advantages of a Fractional CMO

There are lot of advantages to contracting a fractional CMO. The people that fill the roles of fractional CMOs typically have had long careers in marketing and bring a ton of experience to businesses contracting them on a part time basis. It is even better when a company finds a fractional CMO with direct experience in their industry and combine marketing expertise with industry expertise.

Fractional CMO services frequently come at costs you can afford. The cost per hour may be high but having part time access to a high-level skill set will often pay for itself. Another advantage to fractional CMO services for SMB or startups is that because we are dealing with senior level people, they are self-managing and do not need oversight from anyone other than the CEO or owner of a company.

In fact, a fractional CMO can manage a team of in-house resources or outsourced staff to complete marketing work. A fractional CMO will be a great assistance to develop a marketing strategy and to help with go to market strategy planning as well. Unfortunately, because they are executives, they will not actually do the work. An SMB or start up will still need to have people on staff to take direction from a fractional CMO, or they will have to outsource the work. At Valenta, as much as we think there is tremendous value in fractional CMO’s we think there is a better way, and it is the Valenta way of working with a fractional digital marketer team.

Better Option – Team of Fractional Digital Marketers

What is better than contacting a part time highly paid executive, is working with a team of highly skilled part time digital marketing specialists headed by a senior marketing strategist. This team managed by a strategist is what we offer at Valenta. On top of this all our engagements are led by Valenta managing partners who are typically coming out of the industries and market verticals that they serve.

The managing partner knows the business of our clients, and digital marketers who are on shore and offshore, know digital marketing and are up to date on the latest technology and trends. A team of fractional digital marketers will be able to execute on all aspects of digital marketing including, Content Marketing, Social Media, Web Presence (including SEO & SEM), Email Marketing, plus emerging Conversational AI Marketing.

In addition to outsourced digital marketing, Valenta can also provide outsourced inside salespeople that can assist with appointment setting. These inside salespeople work best when coupled with a consistent content marketing and digital marketing strategy. The overall goals of any digital marketing team will be to increase web traffic, increase inbound leads, all in order to help drive sales. Any well thought out and executed digital marketing strategy will also improve customer engagement and improve brand awareness.

A team of fractional digital marketers can improve a prospective customers ability to find a business on the internet and improve SEO & keyword scores. Fractional digital marketers can also build new websites or improve a current website. They can also create graphics for company information pieces and develop brochures and collateral, publish case studies and white papers plus create video content for posting on your website and YouTube. A team of fractional digital marketers is really the feet on the street you need to execute your plans. The senior strategist and Valenta managing partner can help you set the direction and strategy.

Want to learn more?

Working with fractional digital marketers will allow a business to focus on what they do best. Working with a Fractional CMO will be a great option to decide on a direction if guidance is needed, although the team can provide this as well. The importance of digital marketing for business is obvious. At Valenta we focus on SMB clients who can sometimes struggle with digital marketing and do not have large staffs in house to support their efforts. Please read more about our Digital Marketing services and how we can help you. If you would like to speak with us on this topic or any other, please Reach us

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