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An RPA MSP can have a significant impact for an SMB wanting to use RPA and deploy bots in their business.  The importance of RPA for SMBs is increasing.  A Xerox report recently found that 80% of SMB leaders see automating tasks and processes as important for their survival.  There are many business benefits of RPA.  As we have discussed in other blogs, RPA and bots are a tool for 21st century businesses.

RPA is the latest category of software that enables businesses to maximize efficiency.  RPA is a brand-new category and because of this there is no widespread experience with deploying it, managing it and even using it.  All of this is especially acute in the SMB sector.  SMBs do not have to go direct to enterprise class software providers to leverage RPA and bots.  RPA can be provided as a service to SMB by managed service providers of RPA.

Let’s discuss 5 reasons why an RPA MSP is a great choice for SMBs when it comes to digital transformation. 

  • 1. Lack of RPA experience

SMBs typically do not have large IT staffs.  IT staffs within the SMB community are skilled and dedicated but they typically have not worked on any RPA, AI or automation projects in the past.  An MSP for RPA can bring years of experience with RPA to SMBs.  They can share best practices across a variety of business sectors and the specific sector of an SMB.  An MSP for Automation and RPA does not need to learn about RPA and AI as they are deploying a project – they already know it.  MSPs can work closely with an SMB IT staff so that any RPA services are customized for their specific business.  The time savings and comfort factor of working with an experienced MSP is a big benefit to SMBs as they roll out bots and RPA.

  • 2. Reduce Costs and Reduce Risks

An RPA managed service can be deployed quicker, faster, better and more cost effectively with an MSP RPA provider.  Fortune 1,000 companies are purchasing enterprise class software platforms, and the licenses that come with them when they deploy RPA.  These costs on top of the developers that come with them can be cost prohibitive for SMBs.  An MSP for automation has borne the cost of these platforms and is hosting services on a pay per use basis for SMBs.  MSP for RPA will charge a set-up fee and then a monthly fee for usage.  At Valenta our standard offers are for bots that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, or 3 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Our client engagements are month to month.  No enterprise grade software needs to be purchased.  There is maximum commercial flexibility for SMBs.  This flexibility completely de risks a roll out of RPA.

  • 3. Focus on Core Business

RPA services and MSP for RPA can allow a business to focus on what it does best.  An SMB can focus on its core reason for being in business, … whether that is to provide professional services (accounting, law, medical etc.), manufacturing, hospitality, telecommunications, supply and logistics, or anything else.  It is best to leave RPA and automation to the experts in that field.  Working with and MSP for Automation at the start of a project to customize a solution with your specific needs is a wonderful use of time, … after that, letting them run it and manage it is a wise use of time as well.

  • 4. Increase Productivity & Accuracy

An Automation MSP can help an SMB leverage all the business benefits of RPA.  Chief among these benefits is increased productivity and increased accuracy (we are providing 2 reasons to use an MSP here!).  Software bots never get tired, never get bored, never have to take a break, and never have to go off the clock.  They literally can work 24/7/365 if need be.  Because they never get tired or bored, they are not prone to human errors.  Once programmed correctly, accuracy rates are near perfect.  The offloading of routine, mundane and rules-based tasks to software bots from human workers unlocks human potential and allows the people in the business to focus more on critical thinking, creative thinking, innovation, and have increased customer focus.

  • 5. Increase Topline Revenue and Profits

An MSP for RPA can also help an SMB increase topline revenue and bottom-line profits (we are providing two reasons here as well!).  RPA and bots can enable new business to be pursued.  RPA and bots can allow business to be pursued in hours previously not possible due to constraints and the needs of human workers.  Business benefits of RPA also include more profitable bottom lines.  A bot can typically be deployed for 1/3 the cost of a human worker.  Combine this with the fact that the existing human workers in a business can now focus on higher value work more fitting (and interesting!) to the human mind will further drive revenue and profits.


A Grandview Research report recently found that business spending on RPA will grow by 32.8% a year from 2021 to 2028.  Most of those expenditures were for services and not RPA software.  It makes all the sense in the world to pay experts in the field of RPA to do the work of implementing RPA and providing managed services for RPA.  An RPA MSP, like Valenta, plays a critical role in bringing RPA to the entire SMB community.  An RPA MSP, like Valenta enables businesses to operate more effectively in today’s Information Economy.  Valenta is here to help.  If you would like to learn more about RPA and our RPA Managed Services, our website is an excellent place to start.  Please reach out to us here. Contact us

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