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Database Administrator

A Database Administrator is a critical and important role in today’s Information Economy. Companies are inundated with data to manage and store. They are also increasingly tasked with mining this data to develop customer insights and to spot trends and threats. A Database Administrator is critical to all of this. Midsized and small companies frequently have challenges when it comes to securing talent for the role of a database administrator. Outsourced Database Administrator services can be an excellent option for SMB organizations. At Valenta we exclusively serve SMB clients. Database administrator staff augmentation is just one of the services we provide, but more on that later.

In this article we will provide an overview of the role of a database administrator, discuss how a database administrator can help a business, and how to outsource database administrators.

Role of a Database Administrator

Here is the quick fact from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics report for Database Administrators. In 2020 there were 168,000 jobs for this position in the US. The requirements for Database Administrators are expected to grow 8% by 2030. At Valenta we happen to believe the rate will be higher than this. Sometimes the role of a Database Administrator is abbreviated and called a DBA. The role is all about using specific software, Oracle MySQL is an example, to store and organize data for a company. The primary responsibility of Database Administrators is to maintain databases, enable the use of databases across a business and to keep databases secure. A Database Administrator will also be involved in the installation, configuration, design of database tools. They are often involved in capacity planning, security, troubleshooting and any required backup and recovery requirements. Database administrators serve users in an organization in addition to the business. They identify user’s database needs and ensure that they are met.

How a Database Administrator Can Help a Business

A good Database Administrator will bring data management best practices into a business. They will also improve the performance of databases and the software tools used to manage them. Databases contain personal, financial, and sensitive information. Securing them and managing them properly is a high priority for any business. The role of a Database Administrator is also to provide comprehensive disaster prevention and recovery. A good Database Administrator will have knowledge of database software tools and vendors, database design and theory. They will also be skilled with database queries and structured query language. They will have OS (Linux & Windows) knowledge and also good knowledge and skills when it comes to storage and networking technologies.

Glassdoor a popular job and salary research site provides average salaries for Database Administrators in many cities across the world. For example, the average salary in Miami FL is 74K USD per year, in Newark NJ it is 81K USD per year and in Las Vegas NV it is 73K USD per year. Outside of the US the average salaries are consistent and come in at 70K CAD in Toronto Canada and 49K Euro per year in Paris France. These salary ranges do not take into account government taxes or health and retirement benefits. They also do not consider office and infrastructure overhead. Once you look at the total cost of onsite employees a cost benefits analysis of outsourced database administrator services can be conducted. Often time the cost of database administrator staff augmentation can be between 70% and 50% less than inhouse staff.

How to Outsource Database Administrators

The answer to how to outsource database administrators is easy. Contact Valenta! A business can also contact service providers with similar services. No matter who is contacted businesses should look for different criteria in addition to an attractive price. Computer Science degrees for contracted staff is good to have, typically bachelor’s degrees. Also having the requisite vendor certifications is essential. In general, whenever engaging any virtual staff or staff augmentation service provider you want to make sure you are contracting well educated workers. Good language skills and language skills in the right languages is also essential. Well-equipped service centers are also important as is outsourcing in countries with good infrastructure, power supply, and broadband. Businesses will want to ensure that there is a management layer for offshore staff. One more criterion that often gets overlooked is local business contacts and account management. Having a local contact can help tailor the service needs of a business and ensure success. Finally, of course price is very important. Flexibility is important as well. Businesses will want to be able to ramp up and potentially scale down quickly should the need arise.

Want to Learn More?

Hopefully, we have covered sufficiently why Database Administrators are a critical and key role in today’s business environment and have given a good overview of the role of a database administrator, how a database administrator can help a business, and how to outsource database administrators. We believe that all businesses should have access to this vital role. Often for SMBs that means having access to quality outsourced database administrator services.

At Valenta we are focused on serving SMB clients exclusively. We provide new economy and information economy roles in addition to Database Administrators such as Python Developers, Cyber Security Engineers, Cloud Engineers, Big Data Specialists, DevOps Engineers, and more. Valenta provides traditional BPO services like accounting, bookkeeping, administration, billing staff, paralegals, paraplanners, medical scribes and assistants, digital marketers, IT staff, software administrators and more. In addition to providing staff augmentation and outsourcing we also provide business process consulting plus digital transformation services that include automation, RPA, and conversational AI.

We have Managing Partners located in cities across the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, and Australia. Our Managing Partners work with other onshore consultants, plus offshore consultants, developers, and managers of outsourced staff to deliver the best services to our clients. At Valenta, our Database Administrators are trained and have certifications with or for IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, SQL, among others. Please Contact Us on this topic or any other queries.

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