What Is The Right Software For Digital Transformation?

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You Need the Right Software for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation within a company can be difficult for a host of reasons. To make the addition of new software easier, you need to be sure you are choosing the best platform for the job.

The Problems with Old Software Suites

Many small and medium-sized businesses continue to run old software suites that they’ve been using for years. However, those old pieces of software are no longer capable of providing them with the features they need to thrive in today’s world. Many of the software options are not suited for remote work, for example.

Additionally, the software may not be properly integrated, which means employees are wasting time switching from one program to another just to do their job. There is also the issue of poor software support that could cause problems. Older pieces of software may not have as much support now as when it was new.

Sometimes, the customer service from the vendor has always been bad, which makes operating a business more difficult for you.

A survey from Oracle found that many employees in sales, marketing, and customer service are not happy with the software they are using in their job. They do not like needing to have multiple windows open that they have to switch through just to get the information they need.

They find it to be a slow and ineffective way to do their job, which makes their work frustrating. This can lead to dissatisfaction with their entire job, not just the software component. Employees who aren’t happy are not going to be giving their best, and some may be looking for employment elsewhere.

Fixing the Problem of Digital Transformation

To help combat this problem, many companies are choosing to update their systems. They hope that doing so will solve their software issues. While the intention is in the right place, companies don’t often know how to digitally transform their company. They don’t realize that it takes more than just getting some updated software.

You can’t just get the next piece of software that catches your eye and that you think would be a good solution. Instead of getting multiple programs and trying to bring together different applications into a software amalgamation akin to Frankenstein’s monster, you need to have a single software platform that can bring everything you need together.

Remember, digital transformation should make your company more efficient. It should help to streamline the workflow for your employees. They should be able to access all of the information they need through a single platform. Ideally, you will find a solution that will provide you with a range of capabilities including features like analytics, journey mapping, workflow, content management, etc. Additionally, the system that you choose should support code generation, which will help to bring the various components together. This can provide more versatility to the platform.

Each business is different, and you know the types of features that you will need when you choose a platform. There are many options available, but not all of them will be right for each business. You should always strive to find a platform that will provide you with a single system that will allow you to access different tools and features quickly.
All of the isolated silos that you have will need to be rebuilt into a single, better-organized platform. This will ensure that everyone who requires certain types of information can gain access from a single platform.

Make the Transformation Successful

The technology needs to be beneficial across the board. It needs to provide benefits to all of the employees who are using it, allowing them to have better workflows and easier access to information. Salespeople need to know that they aren’t wasting a lot of time on tasks that don’t apply directly to their job. Customer service needs to have fast access to customer information.

The software should also make the customer experience better, and this is directly tied to employee benefits. If the employees can move around the software and get the information they need faster, it will help the customers. They will not have to wait as long when making a purchase or talking with customer service, for example.

Additionally, the upper-level management should be using the technology. If the management doesn’t adopt and use the software themselves, it will be more likely to fail. The employees will wonder why others aren’t using the software and may believe that it’s not worth their investment of time to learn how to use it.

How to Find the Right Software Platform

The platform needs to be robust. It must have all of the needed apps your business needs to thrive, and it needs to be able to be updated regularly with ease.

Before choosing a platform, all of the departments that will be going through the digital transformation will need to be analyzed. You will want to know what programs are currently being used and what types of software they will need in the platform. It may take time to analyze and talk with each department, but it is essential. It helps to ensure that you are getting the right platform and won’t have to change it out again in six months or a year.

There should be running code that can support changes to the processes when needed. It’s also a good idea to find a solution that can regenerate employee and customer apps without causing errors.

Create a list of goals that you want to achieve with the digital transformation. Be sure to have your current baseline documented as your starting point. Determine how the software can help you achieve those goals and try to get a sense of how long it will take after adoption. Find a usable solution that can provide you with as many of the features and tools that you need out of the gate. Check with the provider to see whether it can be customized or changed to better fit your needs.

Finding the right platform and the right Digital Transformation Company can take time. However, putting in the effort early is well worth it.

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