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Cyber Security Engineer

Increasingly we hear about hacking, cybercrime, and ransomware. Because we live in a digital world and the Information Age the threat is real and is becoming a larger and more dangerous problem to address. Nation states engage in cyber warfare. The dark web allows bad actors to collaborate and share company’s and individual’s confidential information. Large enterprises have recognized these threats for some time and have responded to them with mixed results. The hacks of Yahoo, Facebook, Marriott, SONY, Equifax and Capital One highlighted in this CNN article are just a few epic failures that have made the news.

Large enterprises are increasingly devoting more energy and resources to this area. Midsized and small businesses are not immune to cyber-attack. Our SMB clients have looked to us to help in this area and we have responded by providing Cyber Security consulting and outsourced cyber security engineer services. Cyber security staff augmentation can be a real game changer for SMBs and can be the difference between being protected or being at risk.

In this article we will cover the role of a cyber security engineer, how they can help a business, and how to outsource cyber security engineers.

Role of a Cyber Security Engineer

A Cyber Security Engineer is the person in an organization who is responsible for protecting devices, services, and networks from malicious attacks. A Cyber Security Engineer designs, implements and tests solutions and platforms to secure networks, applications and data against hackers and cyber-attack. Prior to rolling out platforms a qualified engineer will conduct audits and assessments of an organization’s ecosystem to determine the best security solutions and also to map out best practices for a company. After implementing solutions and best practices the role of a cyber security engineer is also to stay vigil and to conduct continuous monitoring and penetration testing. A Cyber Security Engineer will need to stay up to date on the latest trends, technology, and providers of cyber security tools. At Valenta our cyber security engineers work with tools from vendors including SolarWinds, LifeLock, Vipre, Intruder, Netsparker and more. The role of a cyber security engineer is important and is one that every organization needs either fulltime or as a service.

How a Cyber Security Engineer Can Help a Business

Cyber Security Engineers are the equivalent of high tech security guards. The price tag however is more significant. A business would not leave valuable merchandise unguarded and should not leave critical information unprotected either. Hiring or outsourcing cyber security personnel will prevent most attacks and also shorten the length and severity of any unfortunate attacks that may occur. In this way you can almost compare the role to having insurance.

Coming back to the cost for Cyber Security Engineers; Glassdoor states that the average salary for a Cyber Security Engineer is 112K USD per year in Charlotte NC, 114K USD per year in Las Vegas NV and 92K CAD per year in Toronto Canada. These salary averages tell part of the story. A business will need to add social security taxes, other taxes, retirement and health benefits and infrastructure costs to have the total picture. Once that is calculated a company can compare and evaluate the option of an outsourced cyber security engineer that might cost 30% to 50% of those overall costs. We believe the ROI is compelling.

How to Outsource Cyber Security Engineers?

When considering cyber security engineer staff augmentation services organizations will want to consider where staff is located and what hours they will be working. They will also need to evaluate what type of training and education virtual staff have received as well as the infrastructure in the service centers and countries they will be working from. How to outsource a cyber security engineer can be as simple as calling Valenta (or to be fair another service provider like us). At Valenta we have local managing partners in cities in the US, Canada, the UK, the EU and Australia and New Zealand. Our managing partners work with offshore staff to deploy the right cyber security engineer staff augmentation service for our clients. All contract services typically run month to month and offer a large degree of flexibility in addition to dramatic cost savings.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about our outsourced Cyber Security Engineer services please visit this page . We believe every company should have access to cyber security services. We are proud to offer outsourced cyber security engineer services to SMB customers. At Valenta we focus exclusively on serving midsized and small business clients. Our goal is to provide the same consulting, digital transformation, and staff augmentation services large firms like Accenture and Deloitte provide the Fortune 500 to the SMB community. We are involved in and support all the back office functions that an SMB may need. We operate service centers in India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Caribbean. We are adding service centers in Latin America and Eastern Europe in the next 12-18 months. As mentioned earlier we have managing partners and managing directors in major cities around the world. To contact us on this topic or any other, please Reach Out to us.

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