Nine Pain Points Business Owners are Facing

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Nine Paint Points Business Owners are Facing

At Valenta we speak with many business owners and executives. We are focused on SMB companies with 10 to 1,000 employees. Regardless of the size of the company, or the industry they are in, we consistently hear of the same Nine Points from all of them.

The Nine Pain Points our clients most commonly cite include, Growth, Process, Profits, Execution, Innovation, Strategy, Digital Transformation, Staffing and Digital Marketing. We are able to address all of these pain points with our core services of Process Consulting, Digital Transformation, Staff Augmentation and Learning Platforms.

The Nine Pain Points Addressed by Valenta Services

Let’s take a closer look at the specific Pain Points that we hear from our clients.


In today’s environment a business must grow or die. One of the most painful challenges is sustainable and profitable growth.  Our team of partners, consultants, developers, and back office staff can implement a myriad of growth strategies.


Businesses cannot afford to waste time or have inefficiencies in their organizations. Process issues appear frequently in rapidly growing companies. We look for waste in all processes and have staff available for process mapping, task mapping and business optimization.


The bottom line is crucial. Maintaining profitability and healthy cash flow is something every business must pay close attention to. Valenta can identify opportunities for efficiency gains and can provide ROIs for all client projects.


Excellence in execution is essential. Great ideas and goals are only the beginning. Successfully implementing new strategies, projects, and plans is the difference between success and failure. We help our clients flawlessly execute.


Innovation is a key to success for all businesses. Competition, customers, and the business environment are always changing.  Innovation is how companies can stay ahead of the competition and be where their customers will be. We help our clients to be nimble and ahead of the curve.


Developing and executing the right growth strategies is critical. Our clients benefit from bringing in our expertise for hire. We can provide actionable strategy for our client companies plus detailed plans for how to get desired outcomes and results.

Digital Transformation

There is a growing need for companies to automate and adapt to new technologies and ways of doing business. Yet having these skill sets inhouse can be challenging. Valenta implements solutions such as RPA and Conversational-AI for businesses of all sizes at competitive pricing.


If current employees are under-skilled or not able to fulfill the requirements of positions, Valenta’s team of skilled and fully trained individuals can fill requirements. Hiring is time consuming and there are not always skills available within budget. Staff Augmentation can bridge the gap of skills and economics.

Digital Marketing

Marketing in the digital age is constantly changing and evolving and it can be hard to keep up. Lack of expertise or lack of budget is not an issue with Valenta’s fractional full stack marketing services. There are a multitude of cost effective marketing options that are effective when implemented correctly.

We think that the above is an interesting list. We find that we are able to help clients address what is holding them back with our core services.  Let’s now take a quick look at those service offerings.

Process Consulting for SMBs

Many midsized companies and small business have not had access to process consulting services. Our staff in this area are coming from Big Four companies but now they are exclusively focused on process consulting for SMBs. Our consultants are Six Sigma and Lean trained. They address all their engagements with our seven step methodology and will map and then analyze the current process, redesign as needed, test processes, communicate changes, implement processes and changes, and finally monitor and optimize. To learn more about all our Consulting services please visit this main page.

Digital Transformation for SMBs

Much like process consulting, midsized companies and small businesses have not had access to affordable and comprehensive digital transformation services. We specialize in digital transformation for SMBs and can offer consulting and implementation in this area as well as managed services. In fact, most of our clients engage us as an MSP or managed service provider. We have extensive experience with RPA (robotic process automation) and have deployed many bots for routine and rules based tasks for our clients. We also have experience with Conversational AI and can provide intelligent bots that can interact with customers and learn using AI.

Staff Augmentation for SMBs

We have been providing staff augmentation, off shoring, near shoring and on shore resources since the start of our company. We have a variety of roles that we fill. Our staff typically work in our service centers although some do work remote. All our staff work in teams of similar roles managed by a team leader with expertise in the same domain. Our Managing Partners are part of all of our account teams and provide local in person support for our engagements. Our main page on staff augmentation provides an overview off all the various roles we fill if you would like more information.

Learning Platform for SMBs

Many SMBs we serve do not have the budget for Learning Platforms. We provide a comprehensive Learning Platform including training from skilled Valenta Managing Partners plus vetted and expert 3rd parties. We provide training on business topics like process improvement with an emphasis on Six Sigma. We also provide training on a wide rage of other leadership and business skills as well as digital marketing. Our Learning Platform is part of our Powered by Valenta initiative and can be found at the highlighted link.

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