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LoanKit is a mortgage aggregation service that provides the flexibility to select the tools and services best suited to your business. It is a simple software solution backed by a team of in-house experts. It’s as easy as browsing the internet, with minimal training

Why Valenta LoanKit?

Just a few of the reasons why to choose LoanKit are listed below.

  • Sophisticated and simple to use CRM
  • Requires minimal training
  • Very comprehensive compliance support.
  • Communicate with the client directly via LoanKit
  • Fully Integrated commission system.

How Valenta LoanKit works?

  • Loan processing becomes easier as the data is moved through CRM and the application.
  • Provides a platform to create and generate NCCP docs as per the Lending Authorities’ requirement.
  • Documents can be saved on LoanKit, providing options for lender-required documents and NCCP required documents keeping the compliance needs up to date.
  • Aids with Purchase price calculation considering all the costs involved.
  • Generates borrowing capacity report helping to understand the maximum amounts with different lenders.
  • Provides Product sheet & product comparison report based on requirements, for completing the research for the best product and lender for the customers.
  • LMI calculations, Refinance calculations, Repayments, Total cost calculation can be done without breaking a sweat
  • Credit Report can be generated via Loankit
  • All the lender documents are available on the LoanKit which can be accessed with ease.
  • Communicating with clients becomes easier, as with LoanKit we can send email/SMS to clients directly.
  • Can view the loan status of the file and keep a track of the file
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Finsure Loan Processing | Valenta BPO US

Features of LoanKit:


  • The inbuilt Compliance tab will be able to help with everything that needs to know about being compliant under NCCP.
  • Allows easy creation, generation & saving of the NCCP docs.
  • Documents can be saved on LoanKit providing options for lender-required documents and NCCP required documents keeping the compliance needs up to date.


  • A fully integrated commission management system.
  • An ability to easily track the commissions.
  • Automate the payments to loan writers and referrers.
  • Reports generated by LoanKit alert you to missing commission and help you to
    plan and forecast your revenue/growth.


  • A simple understanding Dashboard, pipeline view, activities view, contacts helping to keep track of the customers and deals
  • Allows to customize to suit as per the requirements, one can save data and search when required.
  • It has powerful tools such as Quick qualifier, product comparison tool, refi comparison, LMI calculator, Total loan cost calculator, inbuilt email/messaging services.
  • SMS/Email reminder features help to keep in touch with the customers.